Media Training Magic

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Are you doing a radio, podcast or television interview soon? Talking to a newspaper, magazine or website reporter or editor in the not-to-distant future?  ExecuProv's Media Training Magic one-day class is now available.

Nearly every year, since the advent of ExecuProv in 1983, it has provided new offerings to its clients by creating unique presentation and communication skills workshops. 2016 will be no exception! With Founder Kerr's vast experience as a PR professional, actress and director (both stage and film), her media training is not only highly effective, but her tips are easy to master--her technique a snap to grasp.

Whether you have done interviews in the past or are booked for one soon, you may want to spend a day in this fun and challenging media training workshop to hone your "chops."  Media Training Magic is a must-do for anyone who talks to the media--on the phone, in person or on-air.

Through ExecuProv's sister company, KerrPR (, an award-winning public relations firm (founded in 1978) that books, and has continued to book, its clients on all major network media--such as "Good Morning America," "Entertainment Tonight," "20/20," the "Today" show and many others, as well as such publications and wire services as the Los Angeles Times, NY Times, People magazine, Huffington Post; Reuters, Associated has been necessary for its clients to be "media ready!" Over the years, Kerr has coached dozens of clients for guest appearances on radio and television. She has instructed them on how to keep the conversation loose and spontaneous, yet come across as a solid commentator during any interview. Along the way, she has even groomed experts for their own cable network television shows. Now, ExecuProv is offering a one-day workshop that hits the mark for any business professional who finds the need to be, or yearns to be, in the spotlight.

The following is what you will learn:


  • Posture and demeanor
  • Speaking skills (diction, vocalization and proper breathing)
  • Appropriate facial and body animation
  • How to play to the camera
  • How to interact with the host or reporter
  • How to quell the jitters
  • How to appear composed and confident when a question you are asked is completely unexpected


  • How to answer questions on point and incisively
  • How to spin your message
  • How to stay in control of the interview
  • How to focus and quickly say the right thing at the right time

Class size is limited and each Media Training Magic class works from a lesson plan specifically designed for those students who are in it. 


Act Like You're Five

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Offering highly-innovative Presentation and Communication Skills Training to Corporate America for the past 31-years—this mind-blowing, eye-opening one-day ExecuProv workshop experience is fast-becoming one of the company’s most requested programs!

"Act Like You’re Five” is a day-long journey into your “professional soul” where you will tap into, and explore, your very own unique professional talent—talent you probably didn’t even know you had! Just like seasoned improv comedy players, who also go through this very profound and personal discovery process (when refining their true performance potential), you, too, will enjoy the benefit of these advanced concepts. The theories in this course are some of the lessons Founder, Cherie Kerr, has taught in her improv comedy masters programs for more than 35 years. 

Attendees will learn the following:

  •  What really floats your occupational boat
  •   How to integrate your “left-behind” potential into your  “going forward”  professional development
  •    What it is that will make you say “I can’t wait to get to work today!”
  •  The six steps of digging deep to discover who you really are as a business professional
  •   Four steps to “growing up” the professional ladder
  •   Why the three hidden secrets the improv comedy player uses in upping his/her  game apply directly to you

 ExecuProv is well-known for its out-of-the-box approach to bettering the presentation and performance skills of business executives!  This new course is yet one more example of the company’s uncanny ability to provide valuable lessons in a unique and fun-filled way.

Cherie Kerr, a founding member of the L.A. Groundlings (Will Ferrell, Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Cheryl Hines, Phil Hartman, Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, etc.) and also founder of the OC Crazies, and her team of instructors, have a rich and proven history of bringing to market trail-blazing concepts that bring out a “performer’s” talent.

 Sign up today! Open-enrollment classes are limited; companies and corporations will enjoy a custom-tailored lesson plan for the course. For more information call: 714 550-9900 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .





The Art of Interviewing

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Throughout its history, ExecuProv has continually added various communication skills classes to its curriculum along the way. 2013 was no exception!  As the company approaches its 30-year anniversary in communication skills training, it now offers yet another course: The Art of Interviewing. This class is offered from two vantage points: That of the interviewee and that of the interviewer—the person looking for that “right” candidate.

Many H.R. Directors experience frustration and regret at not hiring the “right person,” while those seeking employment often fall short in impressing their would-be employers. As usual, ExecuProv’s unusual approach to coaching those in either of these categories is innovative and surprising, but, oh so effective!

True to form in its innovative approach, and with a bent for sharing some of the same wonderful “inside secrets” of those used by entertainment types, Cherie Kerr has fashioned this course with tips from those who audition for parts and those who cast them.

Whatever you have learned, or thought you knew about interviewing, this class will open your eyes to some fascinating “tricks” for either landing that job or identifying that ideal candidate.

The two sides of the Art of Interviewing include:

One for the “interviewee,” the other for the “interviewer.”


For the job seeker who wants to nail the interview, ExecuProv offers a one-day class that provides new insight, innovative presentation techniques—both with the introductory resume and the cover letter—to how she/he comes across during the interview (an array of sophisticated approaches to presenting oneself).  This course offers the same guidelines an actor would follow when auditioning for a part he/she really wants. Areas covered are as follows:

  • Writing the pitch to grab the casting director’s attention and compiling the resume and head shot
  • Making an entrance
  • Dressing for the part
  • Playing the part
  • Considering dialogue choices—Too much? Too little?
  • Delivering the lines—Feel. Tone. Attitude.
  • Standing out from the others—Secrets of a Memorable Performance
  • Acing the audition—Your Closer
  • Getting the call back—You Won’t to Have to Call Them, They Will Call You

For the “casting director” who is holding the auditions. The reverse side of the Art of Interviewing includes the following:


  • Defining the character—what you’re looking for tells you who you’re looking for
  • Putting out the casting call—wording the “breakdown”
  • Assessing the resume—typecasting
  • Auditioning the performer—talent and character
  • Drawing out the raw, given or potential talent—how to determine if he/she has “it”
  • Testing the talent—X-factor or not?
  • Casting with certainty—getting an award-winning performer

Both of these classes are offered on an open-enrollment basis at ExecuProv’s training facility at the De Pietro Performance Center or onsite or at a client’s preferred location.




Just Listen!!

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Just Listen!!

...something most in corporate America don't do as well as they should.

While many of ExecuProv's workshops touch on listening as a small portion of the overall lesson, Just Listen!, dedicates an entire day to the many facets and processes of listening.

In this most recently added ExecuProv one-day workshop, Just Listen!, teaches students to Hear  and LISTEN TO both what is said and what is "unsaid."  While many business professionals listen to the spoken word at face value (and rarely do they listen to those words in their entirety), most do not listen to what is never explicitly expressed--that is, what is said beneath the surface (subtext).

Since most business professionals find themselves constantly distracted by the technological advances that are geared to speed up today's productivity (how ironic), they often lose valuable time by having to "re-communicate" ("what did you say?") messages--whether such messages are verbal or in writing. Quite often, a lack of listening can result in misconstrued instructions, wasted company time, the loss of sales, and ultimately damaged or lost workplace relationships.

In today's fast-paced business world, it is extremely difficult to listen appropriately and intently.

This new and fun ExecuProv "out-of-the-box" workshop experience is designed to heighten the listening process and maximize communication. While the seven-hour program provides some of the basic listening techniques, drills, and exercises used to train the improvisational comedy player, it also ups the ante by serving up some of the most fun, accelerated and advanced drills used by those performers. Overall, the methods taught include: How to tune out distractions, how to hear "globally" and "perceptively," and how to better focus, so as not to miss a word!

In the Just Listen! workshop here is what students will master:

  • How the improv comedy player discerns the difference between the words “hear” and “listen”

  • How to develop a deeper ("thicker") sense of concentration

  • How to "keen-up" the ear

  • How to hear each word that is spoken by others; not leaving any of them out

  • How to hear the overall message in its entirety

  • How to quickly hear what is beneath the surface of spoken words

  • How to ferret out "the single most important thing said"

  • How to strengthen the listening "muscle" on a regular basis

  • How to best deal with those who don't listen to you; who don't hear what you have to say

  • How to offer up quick and appropriate responses

Class size is limited to eight students to ensure highly-individualized. For more information, please contact Shannon Dugger, program coordinator for ExecuProv at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 714 550-9900 or (Denver office) 303 619-3949


Teambuilding - All For One, And One For All

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The “All for One, and One for All” workshop offers a fun and energizing one-day improv workout experience—a highly interactive ExecuProv seminar that insightfully demonstrates how to build and maintain a teamwork environment in the workplace, whether it’s among the staff members of one department or groups that interrelate with several or many departments. Lessons are culled from the improv comedy player’s handbook, all of which are easy to learn and fun to master.


Funny Business

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How To Make You Laugh On The Job Every Day

With stress, tension and difficult situations permeating everyone’s business day, the need for finding more positive and bonding ways to communicate is essential. There is no better way in which to do that than by using humor, especially when tensions rise within the work environment.


Wit's End

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The How-To's of Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace.

It seems that every business professional has to deal with at least one difficult person! Often, more than just one.


Meeting Called to Order

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How to Set the Agenda, Keep to it, and Accomplish Results.

There's nothing worse than being in a meeting where nothing gets done! Whether the meeting you call includes one, five or 50 people, "Meeting Called to Order" is the perfect solution for those business professionals who need strategies and a game plan to accomplish results at every meeting--whether it lasts for two minutes or two days.


Making A Scene

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Explore Various Options That Help You Get The Most Out of Every Conversation.

Far too many times throughout the workday, each of us wish we could have that conversation just one more time—redo that “scene”—only differently than the first time.


Write Away

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When it comes to writing messages and materials, many have difficulty expressing themselves appropriately, concisely, persuasively or professionally. Some find that they are misunderstood, while others have found that they come across as verbose, inarticulate and unclear, leaving them to feel self-conscious, ill at ease or unsure about how to say "it" when it comes time to put it in writing.


ExecuProv Weekly

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More like play than rigorous study, this once-weekly, evening workshop allows the student to fully explore his or her presentation and communication skills potential.


Death By PowerPoint

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How to Avoid Killing Your Presentation and Sucking the Life Out of Your Audience.

This class teaches the business professional the dos and don’ts of using PowerPoint during speeches, presentations, training sessions and other similar events. The class features 14 easy guidelines—seven address the creation, development and structuring of the content, while the other seven feature tips on the how to’s of a powerful and entertaining delivery. Students are asked to bring a PowerPoint presentation with them to work on, or create a new one during class.


How to BE Presidential

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Are you on the way to the top within your organization, but don’t quite know how to demonstrate to the “powers-that-be” that you are fully capable of taking on the job you really want?

 Who We Are

ExecuProv is a presentation and communication skills training company serving business professionals, Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government institutions and nonprofit organizations. Since 1983, its seminars and workshops have offered innovative techniques for public speaking, one-on-one communication, PowerPoint, leadership, meeting facilitation, humor, team-building, email communication and improved business writing skills training.

The company also provides one-on-one private coaching sessions (in person or via Skype) for those who wish to prepare and rehearse speeches and presentations, and for those who wish to work through various on-the-job communication challenges. Class sessions for companies and groups are always custom-tailored. On-site open enrollment classes are kept to a minimum to ensure highly-individualized attention. 

Private coaching now available via Skype!

Keep an eye out for our new webinar series - coming soon.



Our Featured Upcoming Classes 

Presentation Skills

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

"Email LIVE!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2018  8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

How to BE Presidential

Wednesday, February 7, & Thursday, February 8, 2018  

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

How To Think Fast On Your Feet

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Workshops Include All Materials, Prep, and Follow-up.



Please call 714-550-9900 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for additional class dates.



  • Thank you for dedicating your time, energy and efforts to share your expertise and insight with our Staff, Faculty and Cadet facilitators...
    Col. Ronald P. Clark, US Army
  • What a great idea. ExecuProv has changed the way I present myself at the podium and on tour.
    Gus Lee, Best-Selling Author
  • Cherie has an amazing insight into communication. She makes it fun, entertaining, quite humorous and easy to remember.
    Ellen Gambrell, Production Admin at Lexus
  • Cherie and her approach to communication hits the heart and head at the same time and has tremendous results.
    Tom Orbe, VP Infiniti
  • Cherie Kerr brings a fresh look to dealing with difficult communication problems. In a unique way, she re-visits and reminds us that organizations are really people.
    Dr. Newton Margulies, University of California, Irvine
  • I would recommend the use of this program to anyone who is serious about training and developing superior trial attorneys.
    Richard Schmidt, LA City Attorney's Office
  • ExecuProv greatly helped to improve my verbal communication skills, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing improvement.
    Glenn Hale, GM at Anaheim Hilton


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